We are thrilled to collaborate with U.S. colleges and universities and the NCAA at our virtual events and digital publications to help us with our mission to bring exciting FREE resources for students from Canada interested in post-secondary opportunities in the United States.  With 3500+ supported students and growing, we will be sharing all college digital publications, articles, and virtual events to help our students get answers to their most frequent questions from college/university admissions to NCAA college sports.

What We Do

Students should begin thinking and preparing for their college applications as early as grade 9. Here are some of the free resources we provide to support them:

1. Not all U.S. colleges and universities are actively recruiting Canadian students. We work with only those who have expressed strong interest and showcase them in our college guide. We help students connect with their admissions counselors from these institutions as early as possible, discover amazing opportunities and help them choose their best college fit!

2. We work with some of our colleges to build beautiful profiles to help Canadians learn who their main point of contact are from institutions interested in admitting our students. Below are some of our amazing U.S. colleges and universities!

3. We organize exciting virtual events featuring speakers from colleges that include admissions representatives, Canadian student ambassadors, career advisors, professors, NCAA coaches, athletic directors and more!

4. We are absolutely thrilled to launch our virtual college show supporting thousands across Canada. Join us LIVE to meet college admissions representatives, professors, academic advisors (e.g., pre-health, pre-law, fast track programs, etc.), student ambassadors, and athletics staff to learn all aspects of the college experience!

5. For our athletes, we have partnered with the NCAA to create the 2020-21 NCAA Eligibility Center Guide for Canadians to support thousands of students across Canada.

6. We work with college advisors to donate and share professional articles full of expert advice and tips.

Who are your Admissions Officers/Counselors?

Most U.S. colleges and universities have representatives that take care of Canadians. They are your admissions officers or counselors who can answer all your questions about their institution and help you learn more about their undergraduate programs, athletics, community, admissions process, and so much more!  It is very important that students identify and connect with them as soon as possible.

How to use our site and resources?

The site's menu along with the blue messenger on screen (see image below) is your main navigation tools. They will feature all current and upcoming announcements, articles, publications, invitations to events, and more! 

Virtual College Events

What kind of events do you host? 

We host virtual events featuring U.S. colleges and universities, college advisors, the NCAA and other exciting guests.  These webinars will be hosted on the popular streaming service - Zoom and/or Facebook LIVE.  Below is a short clip from an event with the NCAA: 

What topics are covered at webinars?

The topics depend on what colleges or speakers are participating.  For example, if the event is focused on athletic recruitment, the main topics will be relevant to student-athletes in Canada (e.g. athletic scholarships, NCAA division sports, etc.)  In addition, we host webinars featuring college admissions counselors who will speak more about their institution's academic programs, various scholarships, admissions requirements and support services for Canadian students.  

Who are your speakers?

Our speakers can range from admissions counselors, career advisors, academic advisors (e.g., pre-health, pre-law, business, engineering, etc.), professors, NCAA coaches, athletic directors, compliance officers, Canadian student ambassadors and more!

How long are your webinars and is it free to sign-up?  

Yes, they are all are free to attend; however we do have limited seats.  Our webinars are typically 1 hour long and we recommend subscribing to our e-newsletters to get announcements for upcoming webinars and registration information.

For information about upcoming events and to sign up to receive invitations and updates, please visit: https://collegetrackr.com/sign-up 

Do you host any physical events in Canada? 

We will be working on inviting college representatives from U.S. colleges and universities to Canada beginning 2022. Any announcements will be made on our site and newsletters.

Contact Us

Feel free to send us a message with questions, feedback or suggestions for future episodes, publications, articles, and events!  Please open the blue messenger and start a conversation with us (see below) and we will do our very best to get back as soon as possible.

Next Steps

Are you a guidance counselor wanting to learn more to support your students?  Are you a student or young athlete interested in studying abroad in the United States? Are you a parent or guardian wanting to learn about what it means for your child to choose a U.S. college or university.  It's simple! Our resources are pretty straightforward but message us here if you need help at any time - we look forward to helping our amazing students and high schools in Canada. 

To sign up for free for our upcoming virtual events, please visit: https://collegetrackr.com/sign-up 

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